Sonia’s CD is the Big News Right Now!

soniaGreetings Friends, Neighbors, and Lovers of Beautiful Bilingual Family Music!

Sonia de los Santos has made a classic family CD
Mi Viaje: de Nueva Leon to the New York Island
and it’s out this week!!

Sonia’s been singing and playing with DZ and Friends for seven years and since the very beginning people have been asking for a Spanish language CD, something that would highlight her Mexican heritage.

And now it’s here!!

The songs – from Mexico, Venezuela, United States, Argentina, Dominican Republic, and Basque Country – are mostly in Spanish with a little Guaraní, Basque, and English thrown in.

I don’t think it’s too much to say that this is one of the all-time great family CD’s.

For more information please visit Sonia’s website!

You can order Mi Viaje here.

When I started Festival Five Records in 1999
my dream was to release music that would begin to reflect the rich variety of cultures in this big country we all inhabit together.
I’m grateful for all of the friends who brought something deep to the DZAF CD’s over the years…

In these collaborations the dream began to come true.

And then Father Goose made a CD of Caribbean family music!
And then Elena Moon Park made a CD of family music from East Asia!
And now we have Sonia’s CD of music from Mexico and beyond!
This is a big week for Festival Five as Mi Viaje brings us even closer to the original vision.

So today we say ¡Felizidades a Sonia!

Apple Picking and Other Musical Adventures

Hello friends, neighbors, and lovers of the changing seasons!

This fall as I look at my notebook I wonder if it seems to the outside world that I’m on a slight vacation. I love that idea but it couldn’t be further from the truth! There are so many projects in the works, so many roots and spices being tossed into the stew, so many dreams just now beginning to see the light of morning.

This year has been a time of reflection and rejuvenation. I’m now starting to see bright glimpses of things to come, and they’re looking good!!

I’ll keep you filled in as the fall progresses…

But in the midst of all this there are shows. Sometimes there are apples to be picked before the shows. In New Hampshire, for example.

I’m excited to play, I need to get out and see you all!

Here’s what’s coming up:

Concord, N.H.
Saturday, October 3rd – 11am and 2pm
Dan Zanes and Local Friends
The 16th Annual Friendly Kitchen Benefit
Featuring Donald Saaf!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Saturday, October 31st – 11am
The Ware Center
The DZ Song Gusto Hour

Carmel, Indiana
Saturday, November 14th – 10am and 2pm
The Tarkington
Dan Zanes and Friends

I hope that I see you at one of the shows.
or out under an apple tree.
or lost in a corn maze…..

Until then…. keep on singing!

December: An Incredible Month for Music!

Greetings friends, neighbors, and lovers of the holidays,

I’m sure you are fielding a thousand emails a day in the merry month of December.

So I’ll keep it brief….

Here’s the holiday menu:
+ 20% off everything in the Dan Zanes General Store this week
+ A few tickets are left for the 5th Annual Holiday Sing Along at the City Winery
+ People are flipping over the Sonia de los Santos CD
+ Finally, a new t-shirt!
+ Christmas in Concord, DZ Holiday music!

Over here at Festival Five Records we’re feeling the holiday mood in a big way and things are priced to move.

It’s a holiday sale! Everything in the store, including the Sonia de los Santos CD and the new t-shirt, is on sale at 20% off.

Too good to be true you say…. but it is true! For this week only. Here are the links: Merchandise & Music.

I can’t believe we’ve been gathering at the City Winery in NYC to sing our holiday-loving heads off for 4 years now.

And this is year number 5! The show is almost sold out but if you jump on it now you might be able to get some of the last tickets.

As you may already know a songbook is included in the price.
Guests include Ashley Phillips and The Amazing Leo.
Here’s the link.

Mi Viaje, the new family CD from Sonia de los Santos is creating quite a stir out in the world of all-ages music, bilingual and otherwise.
People are responding to the thoughtful song selection, the soulful presentation, and the overall communal sound of children’s music from Sonia’s Mexican perspective.
And the press has been great!! Here’s a clip from NY1.

When this CD came out a few months ago I stepped back and looked at Father Goose’s Bam Bam Diddly, Elena Moon Park’s Rabbit Days and Dumplings, and Sonia’s Mi Viaje and felt an overwhelming wave of gratitude for the opportunity to work with these major family music artists.

As a collection I think these CDs represent the best in all-ages multicultural music.
Click here for more information.

And lastly, after almost 3 years, we have a new DZ t-shirt! It’s designed by LaToya Duncan and I love it.

So if you want something fresh for the holidays and have absolutely everything else here’s the link.

I almost forgot… Holiday music!
Christmas in Concord is my one and only seasonal recording…

Upcoming Shows:
New York, NY
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6th at 11am
City Winery
Dan Zanes and Friends
The Fifth Annual Holiay Sing-A-Long

New York, NY
Symphony Space
Sonia de los Santos & Friends including Dan Zanes

December can be quite a 3-ring circus and I appreciate all of the opportunities I have to spend musical times with my family and friends.

I hope that when these moments occur you’re there too!

Summer is Family Band Time!

Hello friends and neighbors, swimmers and climbers, workers and players,

This is the real thing….it’s summer!

For many of you that means it’s FAMILY BAND TIME.

You may know this already but just in case you don’t, there are many free music lessons on my website in the section marked videos.

The lessons include guitar, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, spoons, banjo, and singing in Spanish (with Sonia de los Santos).

Basically, anything I know I’m trying to teach you. But Dan, you might say, people will realize that they don’t need you anymore and you’ll be out of a job.

That’s ok. I’m quite certain that the only way to keep the joy of music making is to give it away.

And I want to know that family bands are springing up across the country!

Here’s the link:

It’s hard to tear myself away from the stoop in this warm weather but once I do I’m always thrilled to get out and play.

There are some SHOWS this month that are certain to be quite festive.

East Meredith, NY – Saturday, July 18th at 1pm
West Kortright Center
DZ and Elizabeth Mitchell
And I’ll be leading a song gathering and music making workshop at 10am

Bronx, NY – Saturday, July 25th at 11:30am and 2pm
Bronx Zoo
DZ and Friends
This is our one NY show of the summer

Vienna, VA – Saturday, August 8 at 10:30am
Wolf Trap Theater in the Woods
Dan Zanes Song Gusto Hour
I’ll be returning to one of the best outdoor venues in the country

I hope to see you all jamming this month…

And YES, There are July Shows!

facebook_event_1459924727669901AND YES, THERE ARE JULY SHOWS!

It’s hard to tear myself away from the stoop in the summer months but once I do I’m always thrilled to get out and play. There are some great ones this months. Let’s get together and jam:

Huntington, NY – Tuesday, July 14th at 7:30pm
Heckscher Park
The DZ Song Gusto Hour

East Meredith, NY – Saturday, July 18th at 1pm
West Kortright Centre
DZ and Elizabeth Mitchell
and I’ll be leading a song gathering and music making workshop at 10am!

The Bronx Zoo, NY – Saturday, July 25th at 11:30am and 2pm
DZ and Friends
This is our one NY show of the summer!

I hope to see you all jamming this month!!

It's The Summer of SONIA!

By now you all know Sonia de los Santos from Monterrey, Mexico, the singing and guitar, mandolin, and janara playing member of Dan Zanes and Friends .

What you may not know is that she’s just finishing her first Spanish language family CD!
It’ll be out later this year.
In the meantime she’ll be playing shows this summer around New York!
I’ve heard the CD and it’s truly beautiful.
I know these all-ages concerts are going to be musical highlights in the next few months as we all go out with our families to soak up the music that makes the city come alive.

Here are the links for The Summer of Sonia:
July 11 at La Casa Azul Bookstore in New York, NY
July 27 at Haffen Park as part of Summerstage Kids in Bronx, NY. FREE
August 13 at Queensbridge as part of Summerstage Kids in Long Island City, NY. FREE


Marc Maron WTF Podcast

I had such a good time hanging out with him a while back and the conversation is loose in the world as of today.
He’s such a magnetic personality you just want to tell him everything! I don’t know if I went overboard.
You be the judge.
There’s plenty of cursing, maybe it’s not exactly family friendly… but it sure was fun!!
Listen here.

Tune in to catch Dan on Sprout's Sunny Side Up Show!

It’s a special day here at Festival Five as Dan has left Brooklyn and made his way over to 30 Rock to visit our friends in the Sunshine Barn at Sprout’s Sunny Side Up Show. Tune in this morning to sing along with Dan, host Emily and our good friend Chica!


DZ house party

House Party Winter Session

Over at THE BROOKLYN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC the winter trimester of THE HOUSE PARTY is up and running!

This is a multicultural early childhood music education program for kids ages 1-4 and their grown-ups. It’s based on my music and vision and I couldn’t be happier about the way the whole thing has evolved! We have an inspired group of teachers and musical sidekicks and there’s no doubt that young people leave the lessons with a much stronger musical foundation than when they first came in the door.

There are still some spots available and a last minute discount for families that register in the next few weeks.

Under the amazing leadership of Joy Newton, the new Director of Programs (who also wrote the curriculum for The House Party), The Conservatory is moving towards becoming an institution not just for some but for one and all. I’m grateful that the songs and stories of The House Party are in this musical atmosphere! Find out more here.


Rocket Ship Beach Radio new this weekend on Kids Place Live!

Well this is one dusty looking Facebook page, it’s covered in cobwebs!!
My apologies, friends. I’ve been fixing up a new pad and moving in.
But I stepped away long enough to record a new ROCKET SHIP BEACH RADIO SHOW for SIRIUS/XM!
It’s on The Kids Place Live channel, of course. Channel 78.

Here’s the schedule:
Friday 1/16 10pm EST
Saturday 1/17 9am and 5pm EST
Sunday 1/18 12noon EST

I tried something new this time. The whole show is a narrative with songs called “The Fine Friends visit the Ice Island” I remembered a story I used to tell my daughter and used it as a starting point for this new years Rocket Ship Beach Radio experience.
Let me know if you like it.  My daughter is 20 now so my storytelling skills are almost as dusty as this Facebook page!