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Turn Turn Turn pre-sale!

hello friends, neighbors, and lovers of rustic song and dance,

i can’t believe it but i’m writing to let you know about the turn turn turn pre-sale.

yes! after years of talking and hoping and dreaming and scheming, elizabeth mitchell and her family band known as you are my flower and i have made a cd.

and i’m so happy with it! we spent 3 days jamming in brooklyn and 3 days recording in woodstock. turn turn turn is the homespun sound of songs, snacks, friendship, and the love of modern and traditional music for people of all ages. i’ve played with many amazing artists over the years but i’ve never had a collaborative experience with this much joy and depth before. it called for a lot of mind reading. and good manners. and risks. and much laughter!

i’ve been highly recommending elizabeth’s music to families for over 10 years and it was an honor to make this record with her and her husband daniel and their daughter storey.

so there you are. i hope you enjoy it. i certainly have!

you can pre-order turn turn turn today in the dan zanes general store, at elizabeth’s website and at itunes andamazon.

and since words can only get us so far, how about a song? here’s one called “now let’s dance“. i’d love to know what you think about it. we’ll be playing shows across the country this year. visit our tour page to see some of the dates that are on the calendar now.

i hope that you are all digging into some hot weather music this summer!


new educational catalog for teachers

hail teachers! there is a new and quite extensive pamphlet for you written by one of my favorite authors homa tavangar. it takes you CD by CD through our catalog and serves up track and activity recommendations that should help you navigate the musical offerings on festival five records. i think it’s long overdue and if you have any thoughts about what could make it more useful we would appreciate hearing from you.

-download pdf



new dzaf leapfrog apps

Maybe someone in your family has a LeapPad? If that’s the case, you can now find two swinging (or swingin’ as we say) Dan Zanes LeapPad apps to bring hopped up songs (Sidewalk Dance Music) and relaxed songs (Good Night Music) to these hand held devises. I created the playlists especially for Leapfrog and think that for young people who enjoy listening to music this way these are….indispensable! and…essential! Check them out in the LeapFrog app center.

CinCcover2012 300

christmas in concord- the mini album

Christmas in Concord, my EP of handmade holiday music as recalled from my New England childhood, has been reissued digitally this week. In addition to the five songs from the original release there are two new songs, collaborations with the Pulitzer prize-winning play write Suzan-Lori Parks. We wrote “Counting the Days (Until Christmas)” during a drive back from New Hampshire to New York. Talk of our fathers’ military experiences became a song during the late night five hour trip. The other new song is our updated version of “Rise Up Shepard, and Follow” which Odetta and Pete Seeger have both recorded along the way. Suzan-Lori sings and plays washboard which I think makes our rendition just right for Holiday dance parties…


rabbit days and dumplings on NPR

elena moon park’s soulful new cd rabbit days and dumplings: family music from east asia is making it’s way out into the world in grand style! click here for the NPR all things considered piece which ran on friday and put this new music on the map.


new music is here and a sale!

RABBIT DAYS AND DUMPLINGS IS HERE! yes, the cd of east asian family music that i’ve anxiously been waiting for has landed on this planet. it’s a beautiful, moving, fun, and funny recording which just won a parents choice award. it’s unique and soulful but don’t take my word for it. here are some early quotes: 

“Elena Moon Park has put together a joyful and eclectic collection of traditional folk and children’s songs, reinterpreted and reinvented in a way that preserves their beauty, but also makes them incredibly appealing to a wide family audience… this CD proves that great music touches us all, no matter what our background or mother tongue.” – Cool Mom Picks 

“Rabbit Days and Dumplings is not only a great introduction to the music of East Asia, it is great music, period. Interesting instrumentation, unusual but compelling rhythms and playful lyrics make this album shine, from start to finish.” – Apartment Therapy

“I love how these traditional East Asian songs have been modernized and made so upbeat and fun.” – Asian Mommy  

“Wow! Elena Moon Park embraces both her family tree and musical roots in her latest CD ‘Rabbit Days And Dumplings’. Well done!”- Robert Drake, Producer Kids Corner, WXPN-FM, Philadelphia 

“A wonderful, singsong introduction to Asian culture, Rabbit Days and Dumplings is highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

AND THERE’S A SALE! it’s been one year since the award winning LITTLE NUT TREE was released and to celebrate we’re selling copies of this CD for 10 dollars. what?? 10 dollars?? it’s not a misprint! it’s a sale! here’s a link to the general store.  

now let’s all get back to apple picking!




coming soon: rabbit days and dumplings!

yes, the cd rabbit days and dumplings: family music from east asia by elena moon park and friends will be released later this month. while you’re waiting, you can read some early reviews and pre-order my favorite family music of the past several years at the following places: the dan zanes general store, itunes, amazon. i really can’t say enough about it but i will tell you that elena, the beloved fiddling trumpet player (or trumpet playing fiddler?) in the dan zanes and friends group, has made something that hasn’t been made before, something that i think will go a long way towards furthering our understanding and appreciation of east asian music. and it’s a jam for all ages! it’s festive, emotional, sometimes nutty, and very very musical. who could ask for more?



new sprout videos!

it was a musical day on the sunny side up show with carly and chica. sonia de los santos and i dressed up and jammed. see the videos for 3 of the songs we played here…




yes, TV called and we answered! it’s music week on the sunny side up show, which airs every day on the preschool television channel sprout. sonia de los santos and I will be there on friday morning with hosts carly and chica the chicken…… playing music, of all things! i used to encourage all families to throw out their sets but over the years i think that i was the only one to go that route. however, there really is a lot of great programming for young people these days and much of it is on the sprout channel. i’m looking forward to getting there and jamming!

dzfe front


what is the new frontier? DISHES! of course…

my brother-in-law, donald saaf, and i have teamed up with our friends at fishs eddy and the result is this plate, bowl, and mug set.

i never thought i would dance about dishes but that’s what has been happening.

it would be fun to pretend that i did the hard part but that wasn’t the case. i had heard a rumor that my music was played regularly in the fishs eddy store and since i’ve loved that place as long as i’ve lived in new york, i stopped in to say hello and introduce myself.

one thing lead to another and they proposed a collaboration with donald. if you look closely you can see what he came up with – instruments of the world personified! they’re funny and musical and they make me want to eat and drink everything that’s put in front of me. many of these characters appear in the little nut tree artwork and i’m so glad that they have another life. from the beginning donald has created the visual world of the dan zanes and friends cds and it makes me happy to think of his inspired paintings on the dining room table.  here is the link to his website: www.donaldsaaf.com

thank you to fishs eddy for making all of this happen. here is the link to their store: www.fishseddy.com

i’ll be performing with sonia de los santos in the fishs eddy store near union square this saturday at 11am. come join us as we celebrate…..dishes!