happy buster keaton new years wishes

hello friends, neighbors and buster keaton freaks,

happy musical new year!

thank you all for your support and enthusiasm during these past 12 months. i greatly appreciate it all.

here’s my news of the day:

i’ll be performing, along with drummer colin brooks, an original score for buster keaton’s classic steamboat bill, jr this tuesday, january 10th at merkin hall in new york city.

i’ve seen the movie dozens of times now and i still laugh with gusto. it’s hysterical. sometimes i laugh and forget what i’m supposed to be playing but I doubt that will happen come showtime. i’m rehearsing, baby!

the show is at 7:30pm on a school night so i don’t know how that works with your young people but if you do decide to let them stay up late i think you’ll be glad that you did. this also might be the best date night idea of all time.

the movie runs just over an hour so if you’re interested in my guitar playing (and this is a part of the guitar festival after all) you’ll get to hear everything i know. every chord, every lick, every finger-picking pattern. you’ll see every heart-felt grimace that my face can make as i play something tricky. and colin brooks will there jamming with me!

also, the guitar heavyweight, gyan riley, will be performing original music to the goat as part of this buster keaton evening.

if you don’t live in new york, try to picture this whole evening and have some laughs with us. or tell some new york friends. or stream the movie and play along yourself…

happy new year, my friends!


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