John Foti

john foti (accordian) Born in West Cadwell, NJ, John’s first musical experience was figuring out the Sesame Street theme song at a young age. Inspired by his father and older sister, he went on to take piano lessons through college – even when some of the kids said it “wasn’t cool” to play piano. John thought it was cool and kept playing. He’s been playing with DZAF for over 3 years and is thrilled to always be learning new songs and instruments, all while being surrounded by such good friends and musicians.

Hobbies include: thinking, listening to/writing music, sleeping, worrying about what the Yankees score is, traveling, and being forced to try new foods while touring (thanks to the band)! John is involved in several musical groups and often plays around the NYC area when not on tour with DZAF. You can say hello to John at

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