little nut tree pre-order

hello lovers of 21st century all-ages social music,

greetings from brooklyn where it now seems to be fall.

little nut tree is coming! and as of today you can pre-order our new cd and also receive a sheet of donald saaf’s instrument people stickers. these characters appear throughout the little nut tree artwork and, whoa, what’s this? there’s also a dan zanes sticker in there too.

this is the cd that people have been asking us to make for many years. it’s the first mixed bag family recording since the grammy winner catch that train came out 2006. as always, there are guests galore – andrew bird, sharon jones, joan osborne, and the sierra leone refugee all-stars all make appearances along with old friends barbara brousal and father goose. bonga, tareq abboushi, donald saaf, la’s harmony project, the sea rascals, and shine of shine and the moonbeams are also in the mix.

it’s a party in a board book! yes, the board book packaging is back with art work by my above mentioned brother-in-law, donald saaf. out in world listeners may be filling their ears with more and more digital downloads but we still like to serve up a full color visual experience that you can hold in your hand and take anywhere.

i can’t wait for you to hear the new cd and i hope to see you all soon!


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