rabbit days & dumplings

sometimes i feel as though i’m always asking for your help in one way or another but i try to ask only if i completely believe in the project. here’s a big one. our fiddle and trumpet player elena moon park is about to begin making a cd that i’ve been waiting years to hear. it’s called rabbit days and dumplings: family folk music from east asia. this is something you can’t find when you go to the record store (if you’re lucky enough to have one near you). as exciting as it is to see so much music available for family listening these days, it doesn’t begin to reflect the rich cultural tapestry that exists here in the u.s.. elena’s about to fill a glaring void and whether you are asian, asian american, the parent of an asian child, friends with asian families, or have no asian connection whatsoever, this is going to be some soulful and exciting listening. but this cd needs your financial help! here is a kickstarter page that explains more about the project and what you can do to pitch in and what you’ll get in return. we’re going to release it on festival five records and this is clearly the best way to get everyone involved early on in the success of the cd. elena’s done an incredible amount of research, selected some beautiful tunes, and has commitments from a range of heavy musicians so far. i hope that you are able to help get this off the ground. again, here’s the link to learn more. thank you in advance for your support!