Hot Weather Music

E B7 F#m G#m

You and your  
sister, my friends and me

Took our guitars, and went out to the beach

Won’t let a couple clouds  
get in our way
Out on the  
warm sand, there’s such a crowd

Don’t need the soft sounds we need them nice and loud

So our voices rise  
above the fray
Well I  
like hot weather music that we play (it sounds all right)

I like hot weather songs on summer days (and summer nights)

I love your laugh, I love your singing

‘Cause you’re the bell, that’s always ring-ring-ringing
I don’t mind if the sky’s getting grey

It’s still a party, without the sun

Now here’s a trombone, and a girl with a drum
We serve our sound up on a silver tray

Well I like hot weather music that we play…

People swinging, around and round

While the day light, is slowly dying down
I feel a little rain, but that’s ok

All of a sudden, it starts to pour! People running, trying to get indoors
But we’re  
underneath a tree and it’s keeping us dry
So we’ll  
go on singing while the crowd rushes by
But then  
people stop running and start dancing anyway
Unmatched square brackets: And an old [B7}lady turns to an old man and I hear her say…

Well I  
like hot weather music that they play…

By Dan Zanes, Sister Barbara Music ASCAP