Claudia Eliaza  is an exuberant Haitian American songstress with a fragrantly rich voice that captivates her audience at large. Having performed at the world-famous Carnegie Hall, Claudia continues to perform in other prestigious venues such as, the Jazz Philharmonic Hall in St. Petersburg Russia, and the Berklee Performance Center. Claudia has sung and worked with legendary artists including, Barbara Morrison, Nancy King, and Keith Lockhart. With outstanding success, Claudia has also toured within the US, England, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ashdod Israel, Kenya Africa and all throughout Russia. Her passion for music reaches beyond her performance life. Claudia is a Board Certified Music Therapist in the Boston area where she directs the Music Therapy Program at Community Music Center of Boston. She believes that music has the power to break down walls and build bridges while fostering meaningful connections across generations.