Apple Picking and Other Musical Adventures

Hello friends, neighbors, and lovers of the changing seasons!

This fall as I look at my notebook I wonder if it seems to the outside world that I’m on a slight vacation. I love that idea but it couldn’t be further from the truth! There are so many projects in the works, so many roots and spices being tossed into the stew, so many dreams just now beginning to see the light of morning.

This year has been a time of reflection and rejuvenation. I’m now starting to see bright glimpses of things to come, and they’re looking good!!

I’ll keep you filled in as the fall progresses…

But in the midst of all this there are shows. Sometimes there are apples to be picked before the shows. In New Hampshire, for example.

I’m excited to play, I need to get out and see you all!

Here’s what’s coming up:

Concord, N.H.
Saturday, October 3rd – 11am and 2pm
Dan Zanes and Local Friends
The 16th Annual Friendly Kitchen Benefit
Featuring Donald Saaf!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Saturday, October 31st – 11am
The Ware Center
The DZ Song Gusto Hour

Carmel, Indiana
Saturday, November 14th – 10am and 2pm
The Tarkington
Dan Zanes and Friends

I hope that I see you at one of the shows.
or out under an apple tree.
or lost in a corn maze…..

Until then…. keep on singing!