December: An Incredible Month for Music!

Greetings friends, neighbors, and lovers of the holidays,

I’m sure you are fielding a thousand emails a day in the merry month of December.

So I’ll keep it brief….
Here’s the holiday menu:
+ 20% off everything in the Dan Zanes General Store this week
+ A few tickets are left for the 5th Annual Holiday Sing Along at the City Winery
+ People are flipping over the Sonia de los Santos CD
+ Finally, a new t-shirt!
+ Christmas in Concord, DZ Holiday music!
Over here at Festival Five Records we’re feeling the holiday mood in a big way and things are priced to move.
It’s a holiday sale! Everything in the store, including the Sonia de los Santos CD and the new t-shirt, is on sale at 20% off.
Too good to be true you say…. but it is true! For this week only. Here are the links: Merchandise & Music.
I can’t believe we’ve been gathering at the City Winery in NYC to sing our holiday-loving heads off for 4 years now.
And this is year number 5! The show is almost sold out but if you jump on it now you might be able to get some of the last tickets.
As you may already know a songbook is included in the price.
Guests include Ashley Phillips and The Amazing Leo.
Here’s the link.
Mi Viaje, the new family CD from Sonia de los Santos is creating quite a stir out in the world of all-ages music, bilingual and otherwise.
People are responding to the thoughtful song selection, the soulful presentation, and the overall communal sound of children’s music from Sonia’s Mexican perspective.
And the press has been great!! Here’s a clip from NY1.
When this CD came out a few months ago I stepped back and looked at Father Goose’s Bam Bam Diddly, Elena Moon Park’s Rabbit Days and Dumplings, and Sonia’s Mi Viaje and  felt an overwhelming wave of gratitude for the opportunity to work with these major family music artists.
As a collection I think these CDs represent the best in all-ages multicultural music.
Click here for more information.
And lastly, after almost 3 years, we have a new DZ t-shirt! It’s designed by LaToya Duncan and I love it.
So if you want something fresh for the holidays and have absolutely everything else here’s the link.
I almost forgot… Holiday music!
Christmas in Concord is my one and only seasonal recording…

Upcoming Shows:
New York, NY
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6th at 11am
City Winery
Dan Zanes and Friends
The Fifth Annual Holiay Sing-A-Long
New York, NY
Symphony Space
Sonia de los Santos & Friends including Dan Zanes 
December can be quite a 3-ring circus and I appreciate all of the opportunities I have to spend musical times with my family and friends.

I hope that when these moments occur you’re there too!