del fuegos reunion tour kicks off next week!

the tight leather pants and the sequined jumpsuits are all being repaired and cleaned in time for the del fuegos first tour in almost 25 years. some of my family music fans might imagine that i just came down from the hills of new hampshire playing my banjo and mandolin singing all around the kitchen but it wasn’t quite like that. i like to say that i wasted my youth playing in a rock and roll band but it really wasn’t a waste. it was tons of fun (until it wasn’t) with a group of amazing guys who are still my close friends to this day (one of them is my brother). the big wheel of time has turned around again and we are feeling the desire to plug in and rock out. for two weeks. so that’s what we’re going to do…


boston, mass – wednesday, february 22nd at the paradise theater with robin lane and the chartbusters
new york city – thursday, february 23rd at the bowery ballroom with jarana beat
cleveland, ohio – friday, february 24th at the beachland ballroom
chicago, ill – saturday, february 25th at lincoln hall
evanston, ill – sunday february 26th at space
minneapolis, mn – tuesday, february 28th at the varsity theater
milwaukee, wi – wednesday, february 29th at turner hall
st. louis, mo – thursday, march 1st at the old rock house
kent, ohio – friday, march 2nd at the kent stage
brooklyn, new york – saturday march 3rd at the bell house
concord, new hampshire – sunday march 4th at the capital center for the arts