dzfe front


what is the new frontier? DISHES! of course…

my brother-in-law, donald saaf, and i have teamed up with our friends at fishs eddy and the result is this plate, bowl, and mug set.

i never thought i would dance about dishes but that’s what has been happening.

it would be fun to pretend that i did the hard part but that wasn’t the case. i had heard a rumor that my music was played regularly in the fishs eddy store and since i’ve loved that place as long as i’ve lived in new york, i stopped in to say hello and introduce myself.

one thing lead to another and they proposed a collaboration with donald. if you look closely you can see what he came up with – instruments of the world personified! they’re funny and musical and they make me want to eat and drink everything that’s put in front of me. many of these characters appear in the little nut tree artwork and i’m so glad that they have another life. from the beginning donald has created the visual world of the dan zanes and friends cds and it makes me happy to think of his inspired paintings on the dining room table.  here is the link to his website:

thank you to fishs eddy for making all of this happen. here is the link to their store:

i’ll be performing with sonia de los santos in the fishs eddy store near union square this saturday at 11am. come join us as we celebrate…..dishes!

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