Five Things: Haitian Music, A Wedding Ring And A Grammy With Dan Zanes on Louisville’s NPR News Station WFPL, By Tara Anderson

Greetings friends!

This could easily qualify as “way too much Dan Zanes” but if you want to hear me talk about 5 important things in my life this is your chance – listen to this interview!

If you want the list but not the chatter, here it is:
1. My first guitar
2. My new wedding ring (and all that it stands for!)
3. My Haitian LPs – particularly Nostalgie by Leon Dimanche
4. The book Dismantling Racism by Joseph Barndt
5. My Grammy award…

I had so much fun speaking with Tara Anderson that I forgot it was an interview. As a result it gets a little more personal than usual! Thank you Tara and NPR affiliate 89.3 WFPL News Louisville….

Your friend,