i hear music in the air

hello friends, neighbors and sweaty summer people,

greetings from brooklyn new york where there is always music in the air!

here’s what i have on the front burner for you:

PILOBOLUS i can’t believe it but here it is. i’ve been working with the legendary pilobolus dance company for 6 months and the collaboration is now running at the joyce theater in manhattan. the piece, called “contradance” is one of my creative highlights from the past several years and i hope that some of you have the chance to see it. i’m very happy with the music but it’s the dancing, which i had nothing to do with, that makes me cry when i see it. their run at the joyce goes into early august. click here for ticket information and be sure to look for the program that includes “contradance.”

SIRIUS/XM RADIO my secret desire to be a disc jockey has finally been realized. rocket ship beach radio is the name of my all-ages show and the first of several hour long episodes will air on sirius xm’s kids place live , sirius and xm channel 116, July 30th at 9pm ET and off and on throughout the weekend. if you like my mix of mellow chatter, music and storytelling please let them know so i can continue to claim some tuneful airspace.

TOUR DATES we can’t stop playing for you! i’ll be heading to chicago for the lollapalooza festival where i’ll be joined by colin brooks, elena moon park and the chicago youth orchestra on august 7 & 8. after that the band and i zip down to knoxville tennessee august 13th, asheville north carolina august 14th and raleigh north carolina august 15th. this is one of our favorite parts of the country (although we have a lot of favorite parts) and we’d love to see you all there. we have a special way of dancing when we enter the south and i like it a lot.

PUTUMAYO ROCK AND ROLL PLAYGROUND it’s a cd, not an actual playground, and i’m on it. i’m not a professor of rock by any means but i think you could have some very lively dance parties to this cd. i spoke to putumayo about rock, roll, and all related subjects. you can see that interview here if you need something to do while you’re avoiding direct sunlight between 10 and 2.

thank you all for your good words and photos on facebook and twitter. it’s inspiring to feel connected to you all.

i’ll be listening for your family bands as i walk by the parks and porches!

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