my musical thanks to you

hello friends, neighbors, families and other creatures,

thanksgiving greetings to you all!

i am grateful for all of your love and support this year. as we approach our last two shows of 2010 i want to take this opportunity to thank you for your singing, dancing, requesting, suggesting, e mailing, facebooking, tweeting, word of mouthing, traveling, playing (as in forming your own family bands), and just plain letting us know what’s happening out on your musical road. we have a very privileged view of the world and as we stand on stage and look out at people of all ages, sizes, beliefs, backgrounds, and temperments singing and dancing together there is an overwhelming sense of life’s best possibilities. thank you for that inspiration.

did i say the last two shows of 2010??
yes, it’s true. this thanksgiving weekend we’ll be celebrating another year of all-ages merrymaking with shows in montclair n.j.  and brooklyn n.y.  send in your requests. bring the family. be ready to sing and dance. this weekend is going to be a bash!

on another note, my rocket ship beach radio show on the kids place live channel continues to occupy a small corner of the airwaves over in sirius/xm radioland. i’ll be back on this weekend friday, 9pET/6pPT, saturday, 9aET & 5pET, sunday, 12pET/9aPT. maybe you’ll be listening to my mix of music, storytelling and mellow chatter while heading to a a dzaf show! that’s a lot of dan zanes but it could happen…

i hope that you all have a bountiful weekend with your families and friends. if for some reason you are without either, you are welcome to join us backstage at one of the shows for some pumpkin pie.

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