new music is here and a sale!

RABBIT DAYS AND DUMPLINGS IS HERE! yes, the cd of east asian family music that i’ve anxiously been waiting for has landed on this planet. it’s a beautiful, moving, fun, and funny recording which just won a parents choice award. it’s unique and soulful but don’t take my word for it. here are some early quotes: 

“Elena Moon Park has put together a joyful and eclectic collection of traditional folk and children’s songs, reinterpreted and reinvented in a way that preserves their beauty, but also makes them incredibly appealing to a wide family audience… this CD proves that great music touches us all, no matter what our background or mother tongue.” – Cool Mom Picks 

“Rabbit Days and Dumplings is not only a great introduction to the music of East Asia, it is great music, period. Interesting instrumentation, unusual but compelling rhythms and playful lyrics make this album shine, from start to finish.” – Apartment Therapy

“I love how these traditional East Asian songs have been modernized and made so upbeat and fun.” – Asian Mommy  

“Wow! Elena Moon Park embraces both her family tree and musical roots in her latest CD ‘Rabbit Days And Dumplings’. Well done!”- Robert Drake, Producer Kids Corner, WXPN-FM, Philadelphia 

“A wonderful, singsong introduction to Asian culture, Rabbit Days and Dumplings is highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

AND THERE’S A SALE! it’s been one year since the award winning LITTLE NUT TREE was released and to celebrate we’re selling copies of this CD for 10 dollars. what?? 10 dollars?? it’s not a misprint! it’s a sale! here’s a link to the general store.  

now let’s all get back to apple picking!



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