Rocket Ship Beach Radio new this weekend on Kids Place Live!

Well this is one dusty looking Facebook page, it’s covered in cobwebs!!
My apologies, friends. I’ve been fixing up a new pad and moving in.
But I stepped away long enough to record a new ROCKET SHIP BEACH RADIO SHOW for SIRIUS/XM!
It’s on The Kids Place Live channel, of course. Channel 78.

Here’s the schedule:
Friday 1/16 10pm EST
Saturday 1/17 9am and 5pm EST
Sunday 1/18 12noon EST

I tried something new this time. The whole show is a narrative with songs called “The Fine Friends visit the Ice Island” I remembered a story I used to tell my daughter and used it as a starting point for this new years Rocket Ship Beach Radio experience.
Let me know if you like it.  My daughter is 20 now so my storytelling skills are almost as dusty as this Facebook page!