Sonia’s CD is the Big News Right Now!

soniaGreetings Friends, Neighbors, and Lovers of Beautiful Bilingual Family Music!

Sonia de los Santos has made a classic family CD
Mi Viaje: de Nueva Leon to the New York Island
and it’s out this week!!

Sonia’s been singing and playing with DZ and Friends for seven years and since the very beginning people have been asking for a Spanish language CD, something that would highlight her Mexican heritage.

And now it’s here!!

The songs – from Mexico, Venezuela, United States, Argentina, Dominican Republic, and Basque Country – are mostly in Spanish with a little Guaraní, Basque, and English thrown in.

I don’t think it’s too much to say that this is one of the all-time great family CD’s.

For more information please visit Sonia’s website!

You can order Mi Viaje here.

When I started Festival Five Records in 1999
my dream was to release music that would begin to reflect the rich variety of cultures in this big country we all inhabit together.
I’m grateful for all of the friends who brought something deep to the DZAF CD’s over the years…

In these collaborations the dream began to come true.

And then Father Goose made a CD of Caribbean family music!
And then Elena Moon Park made a CD of family music from East Asia!
And now we have Sonia’s CD of music from Mexico and beyond!
This is a big week for Festival Five as Mi Viaje brings us even closer to the original vision.

So today we say ¡Felizidades a Sonia!