summer news!

greetings friends, neighbors, and lovers of the sun,

the news never stops around here and it’s my pleasure to pass it along to you in all of it’s glory. here’s what we have….

we’re serving up some fresh items around the website: a new photo selection, just added tour dates, our revised songbook and at long last the family band workshop video lesson series.

songbook – we’ve always tried to make lyrics and chords available to you but things got a little loose over the past few years in that department. i’m happy to say that our first printable and readable (that helps!) songbook is now available. here you will find the lyrics, chords and song samples for catch that train. crank up the printers, tune up the instruments and gather your family band together. the other CDs will all appear in songbook form in the next month.

the family band workshop–  keep an eye out all summer long for new lessons. I’ll keep making these instructional videos for you as long as I have something to teach. check out episode 1 of the family band workshop here and please email me with any suggestions that you have.


lollapalooza – will we be there? of course we will! colin brooks, elena moon park, and i will be joined by the chicago youth orchestra for 2 shows at this year’s  kidzapalooza stage at the festival which is held on august 6-8 in chicago’s grant park. i couldn’t help but notice that chrissie hynde takes the stage right after us on the saturday show.

what else? that’s all for now. thank you for all of the kind words on twitter and facebook and everywhere else that enthusiasm exists!

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