the new video for turn turn turn is out!

the TURN TURN TURN VIDEO is here! yes, if you want to relive the warm summer days of 2013 with elizabeth mitchell, you are my flower, and me along with dozens of our close friends here’s the video for you. it was directed by greg buyalos with camera work by greg buyalos and arthur woo and produced by gb3arts. everyone put a lot of care and positive energy into this video and i just love the way it turned out…

new dan zanes & elizabeth mitchell album this summer- exclusive video!


Here I am with ELIZABETH MITCHELL AND DANIEL AND STOREY LITTLETON AKA YOU ARE MY FLOWER. It’s a perfect April afternoon we’re getting a few minutes of sun before returning to continue recording the new CD TURN TURN TURN. It appears that the main purpose of the break is to entertain YUKI, the family dog. I like to think that it’s the song, SAIL AWAY LADIES, that’s making Yuki feel so wild.

If you have a dog or any other pet would you please take it off the leash get out your instrument and play this tune? If this is what Sail Away Ladies does to animals we should probably know so we can make arrangements at our concerts.

The cd TURN TURN TURN will land on planet earth August 27th……

Turn Turn Turn Banner

Turn Turn Turn pre-sale!

hello friends, neighbors, and lovers of rustic song and dance,

i can’t believe it but i’m writing to let you know about the turn turn turn pre-sale.

yes! after years of talking and hoping and dreaming and scheming, elizabeth mitchell and her family band known as you are my flower and i have made a cd.

and i’m so happy with it! we spent 3 days jamming in brooklyn and 3 days recording in woodstock. turn turn turn is the homespun sound of songs, snacks, friendship, and the love of modern and traditional music for people of all ages. i’ve played with many amazing artists over the years but i’ve never had a collaborative experience with this much joy and depth before. it called for a lot of mind reading. and good manners. and risks. and much laughter!

i’ve been highly recommending elizabeth’s music to families for over 10 years and it was an honor to make this record with her and her husband daniel and their daughter storey.

so there you are. i hope you enjoy it. i certainly have!

you can pre-order turn turn turn today in the dan zanes general store, at elizabeth’s website and at itunes andamazon.

and since words can only get us so far, how about a song? here’s one called “now let’s dance“. i’d love to know what you think about it. we’ll be playing shows across the country this year. visit our tour page to see some of the dates that are on the calendar now.

i hope that you are all digging into some hot weather music this summer!